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MySQL homepage
MySQL home page, a free-distributed server SQL on Unix and Win32

Perl Mongers
Perl home page. Perl is a powerful programming language compatible with all platforms. by O'REILLY
Another Perl`s home page is maintained by the O`REILLY publishing house. It carries an array of information concerning the language and the latest versions...

CPAN: Comprehensive Perl Archive Network
It holds a lot of modules, scripts, sources and documentation on Perl. If you are looking for a module that` the right address!

FreeBSD homepage
FreeBSD home page - popular free UNIX system

The Apache Project
The page is dedicated to the most popular and powerful Web-server on UNIX and its enhancements (Apache/XML, mod_perl and others.)

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
Popular system for writing Web applications

Free Software Documentation
A selection of GNU product documentation (gcc, g++, glibc, ...)

IETF Home Page
Home Page Internet Engineering Task Force ≈ contains the descriptions of all protocols, for which is RFC

A selection of postal standards on Internet Mail Consortium`s page

XML page
Russian site about XML/XSL

The Perl/XML Software Architecture
Everything about XML on Perl

The OpenNET Project links to Unix resources (full partitioning)
Programming links for Unix

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